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Grief in the Workplace

  • Create a safe environment for your bereaved staff
  • Build teamwork and productivity
  • Decrease the potential for staff turnover – save costs

The death of a loved one is a traumatic time for anyone. For a workplace supporting an employee who has experienced a death, it can be challenging for everyone.

Managers and colleagues not knowing what to say or how to provide support can lead to unintentional inappropriate comments being made or they avoid the topic completely or worse, the bereaved employee.

This inexperience in dealing with a bereaved employee by their managers and colleagues can leave the staff member feeling hurt, isolated and unsupported. All of these things can have long-term impacts on the staff member’s wellbeing and their grief journey, with some bereaved people deciding to resign due to poor workplace support.

The Compassionate Friends Victoria can work with your staff to help them to know the right behaviours and phrases to support a grieving person return to work and become more comfortable, more quickly.  We can also work with your team leader to help them understand grief and bereavement and so, identify early warning signs of distress.

This will help create a positive environment for all team members, leading to enhanced teamwork (because of greater team familiarity) and reduced potential for staff turnover.  (The cost of turnover is at least 20% of staff salary.)

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