In the past, TCF Victoria members have contacted our office wanting to know of any trades people or businesses who were also bereaved. In their everyday life or relating specifically to a home project they were working on – these people wanted to support others who have shared the experiences of the death of a child, sibling or grandchild.

The “Our Community Noticeboard” is a new feature section of our bi monthly Grieve Heal Grow Magazine. It is a high gloss colour page located on the inside back cover of the magazine, which is distributed to 1,000 members every 2 months. It provides a unique advertising opportunity for business owners throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria by

  • reflecting the sharing of common values, the willingness to support others on their journey and the level of compassion amongst the community of TCF Victoria members
  • complementing the other support services and programs TCF Victoria offer

Why advertise your business through “Our Community Noticeboard”?

  • it offers businesses, the chance to grow their profile amongst our 1,000 members
  • the magazine provides excellent value for money compared to local newspaper advertising
  • we guarantee that there will be no double up of business types in any one edition
  • the advertisement has a long shelf life, with members often never throwing out older magazines and referring to the current edition several times during the 2 months

Who can advertise their business through “Our Community Noticeboard”?

Any registered business entity including just to name a few: Plumbers, Painters, Builders, Retailers, Counsellors, Tutors, Personal Trainers, Gardeners, Accountants, Caterers, Mechanics, Lawyers, Dentists, Osteopaths etc.

What does it cost to advertise through “Our Community Noticeboard”?

1/3 advertisement (19cms x 7.5cms) placed in 6 editions                             $500 + GST

1/3 advertisement (19cms x 7.5cms) placed in 2 editions*                           $200 + GST

1/6 advertisement (9cms x 7.5cms) placed in 6 editions                               $250 + GST

1/6 advertisement (9cms x 7.5cms) placed in 2 editions*                             $100 + GST

1/9 advertisement (6cms x 7.5cms) placed in 6 editions                               $120 + GST

1/9 advertisement (6cms x 7.5cms) ad placed in 2 editions*                          $50 + GST

*for reference only.

How to advertise through “Our Community Noticeboard”?

Express your interest in advertising your business by completing an Advertising Request Form. You will receive an email response within 2 working days confirming all details relating to artwork, deadlines and payment.

If you have any questions about advertising your business through the Grieve Heal Grow magazine, please do not hesitate to contact Margherita Riccioni Ph (03) 9888 4034.