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Lachlan (Lachie) James
Lachlan (Lachie) James
21/01/2000 - 14/01/2016

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Bereavement: A Parent’s Grief at Losing a Child

The Compassionate Friends Victoria offers a number of peer-to-peer grief support groups, ranging from bereaved parents support, to support groups for suicide.

Our ultimate aim is to help those who have lost a child, a sibling, or a loved one to manage their grief in a healthy way, while also providing a safe space for mothers, fathers, and other family members to mourn their loss and share their experiences.

We’re here to help during this difficult time, and welcome you into our friendly, supportive community.

Specialist Support for Bereaved Parents

Advice on grieving the loss of a child is commonly given to bereaved parents, but here at The Compassionate Friends Victoria, we recognise that there is an increasing need for specialist support for parents who have lost a child through suicide. Child death through suicide can sometimes make us question ourselves. Could we have prevented this? Could we have known? This is why we've set up a dedicated parents of suicide support group, which offers grief support for parents and other family members who are coping with the loss of a child, or loss of a sibling, through suicide. We are proud to have become one of the leading suicide support groups in Melbourne, creating a safe and welcoming environment for bereaved parents, and bereaved siblings, to grieve, mourn, adapt, and grow.

Searching for a death of a child support group will be one of the hardest things you'll ever do as a parent, but The Compassionate Friends Victoria are here to help. Our friendly bereaved parents support group is dedicated to mothers grieving the death of a child, as well as fathers, siblings, grandparents who may require support coping with the death of a child, or who may wish to learn more about how to deal with a death in the family by chatting to others in a similar situation. Contact us to learn more about the peer-to-peer services that we offer here at The Compassionate Friends Victoria, including our sibling bereavement support group, grieving parents support groups, and suicide support groups for families. We're here whenever you need us, with a 24 hour support line.

There are those who say that the grief felt by parents who lose a child is the same as other types of grief.

We believe that grief can manifest in a wide variety of ways, and we believe that surviving the death of a child, or surviving the death of a sibling, are things that only a few of us will ever truly understand. Bereavement support groups, like The Compassionate Friends Victoria, are organised by parents who have been through similar experiences and understand the best ways to provide friendly, yet beneficial and practical bereaved parents support through sharing, listening, and helping. Attending support groups for bereaved parents may not lessen the pain that you feel, but we hope that it will help you to mourn your loss in a healthy way, and provide the support that you need to start on the pathway to healing.