TCFV Annual Honour Roll 2023

Melbourne Herald Sun, Wednesday 23 August 2023

“We remember them” – together we publicly acknowledge our children, siblings, and grandchildren who have died before us and let other bereaved families know that they are not alone, that TCFV exists.

TWO LINES ONLY per entry is available (24 characters per line, including spaces) and each entry will include child’s or sibling’s name, age and date of death.

The notices will appear as:

SMITH Mary Jane
19 years, 31.8.89

Cost is $50.00 (GST included) per 2-line entry. Closing date is Friday midday 18th August 2023.

  • $50 per entry.
    Price: $ 50.00
  • Please list your loved one's entry individually with surname first:
    SURNAME First Second
    Age at death, Date of death

    *Repeat information on new line for multiple entries

  • Hidden
    Use to sync payment to CRM and MYOB

  • $ 0.00