Community Membership

By being a TCFV member you are supporting our vital and often life changing work.

Community Membership is open to the non-bereaved, including extended family, friends, businesses or work colleagues who know and believe in the difference our work has and continues to make for grieving parents, siblings and grandparents.

As a Community Member of The Compassionate Friends Victoria you are saying that you

  • support our vision for a community that is aware and understands the impact of grief the follows the death of a child
  • understand that our range of services and programs are essential in supporting the needs of the bereaved
  • know what we do has made a profound difference to parents, siblings and grandparents throughout Victoria

The driving purpose of TCFV is twofold: to support the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals following the death of a loved one AND to share knowledge and information with the wider community and professionals about the impacts of grief.

What Members say about The Compassionate Friends Victoria

“In my seven years navigating the world as a bereaved parent, I am continually struck by the power of the bond between bereaved parents. Strangers become kindreds in mere seconds– a look, a glance, a knowing of the heart connects us, even if we’ve never met before. No matter our circumstances, who we are, or how different we are, there is no greater bond than the connection between parents who understand the agony of enduring the death of a child. It’s a pain we suffer for a lifetime, and unfortunately only those who have walked the path of child loss understand the depth and breadth of both the pain and the love we carry”

“The support over the phone when I was so low in grief. Friend and relatives seemed to stay away at this time and I needed to talk about my son to someone. TCFV listened to me and I become a stronger person as I listened to others”

“Thank you for being available, being accepting, being non-judgemental, being proactive when parents feel paralysed and overwhelmed”

“As support from family and friends begins to diminish, it is very sustaining and helpful to know that TCFV’s support would always be there…even now more than 5 years on”

Over a typical 12 Month period TCFV manages the following:

  • Takes over 3,500 calls on its 24/7 telephone grief line
  • Facilitates over 30 support groups throughout Victoria each month
  • Trains and supports 150 volunteers to provide peer support
  • Delivers over 60 hours of community and professional education
  • Distributes magazines, newsletters, brochures, anniversary cards and information sheets
  • Facilitates respite accommodation for approx. 25 families
  • Hosts the Compassionate Employer Recognition Awards
  • Hosts approx. 10 social and memorial events


TCFV offers 2 levels of Community Membership:

1. Individual

Open to any non-bereaved individual who believes in and supports the work undertaken by TCF Victoria. This membership category is ideal for extended family, friends and colleagues.

Cost: $50 per annum +GST

The range of Individual benefits include:

  • Acknowledgement (with your permission) as a supporter on our website and in our magazine
  • Invitations to attend regular social activities or events such as the Walk To Remember and Candlelight Memorial
  • 10 editions per annum of our “Between Friends” enewsletter

2. Organisation

Open to any community group, non for profit or business that supports the Mission and Vision of TCF Victoria and wants to make a meaningful difference to our work.

Cost: $100 per annum +GST

The range of Organisation Member benefits include:

  • Acknowledgement (with permission) as a supporter on our website and in our magazine
  • 10 editions per annum of our “Between Friends” enewsletter
  • Invitations to attend regular social activities or events such as the Walk To Remember and Candlelight Memorial
  • Access to professional and/or community education for your staff
  • Access to volunteering opportunities for your staff
  • Organisation profiled in our Grieve Heal Grow magazine (as appropriate) reaching 1,000 members

The bereaved members and staff at TCFV welcomes community members as individuals or organisations that believe in the work we undertake and support our vision and purpose. TCFV reserves the right to cancel any community membership if it believes that the actions of the individual or organisation are not aligned with our work or values.

If you have any questions about our becoming a Community Member of The Compassionate Friends Victoria, please contact our office by email or telephone (03) 9888 4034.

If you know someone (extended family member, neighbour, friend, sporting club, work colleague or business) who may want to be a Compassionate Member, don’t forget that you can download a Community Membership flyer and give them a copy.