TIME OUT Retreat Accommodation

The Service

We have partnerships with some properties that offer reduced-cost stays to members of TCFV, a chance for some “time out” . Please feel more than welcome to enquire further about available dates, etc.

If you haven’t yet established a TCFV membership, please follow the link below…


The Retreat at Mt Cathedral

Recommended for individuals and couples bereaved of a child, sibling and/or grandchild.

  • set dates are offered to TCFV (please enquire with retreat coordinator Andrew McNess (andrewm@tcfv.org.au) about upcoming dates
  • A 2-night midweek stay in a single room with queen bed and ensuite.
  • Retreat includes a large communal lounge and kitchen.
  • $40 per night

Note: a second room can be negotiated, but please note it is charged at a discounted retail rate of $245 per evening.

More information on retreat here.


Magpie & Milnedale Cottages (Glen Forbes) 

Recommended for individuals, couples or families bereaved of a child, sibling and/or grandchild.

  • Please enquire with retreat coordinator Andrew McNess (andrewm@tcfv.org.au) about dates you are seeking to stay; Andrew will check availability.
  • stay can be from 1 to 6 nights
  • no nightly cost as such (owners just ask for a $20-40 donation)

More information on cottages here.


Forever Held Foundation‘s Retreat (Naringal) for parents bereaved of a child 18 years and under

  • Any parent who has experienced the death of their child (from conception to age 18) is eligible for a short-stay at the retreat.
  • There is no cost for the stay, but you are welcome to leave a small donation which contributes to the ongoing upkeep of the property.
  • You can make a booking here: https://foreverheld.org.au/bookings/

Once you have submitted the booking request form, the Foundation will require you to return a referral completed by a health professional OR a statutory declaration. The template form for each option will be emailed to you after you submit your booking. If you are a member of TCFV, we can complete that referral for you. Just forward the online referral form to Andrew McNess at andrem@tcfv.org.au and he will fill it out and return it.

More information on the retreat can be found here.


Interested in offering your property for short stays? Information on the “Time Out” program is here.