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Topics Around Grief: Spiritual Experiences Around Grief

Topics around grief

Spiritual Experiences Around Grief

In this TOPICS AROUND GRIEF discussion workshop, we will discuss a range of issues surrounding spirituality and bereavement.

Issues explored will include: defining spirituality; how bereavement challenges or strengthens; our spiritual beliefs; “sense of presence” experiences; the broad range of spiritual beliefs that can comfort us in feeling closer to our children, siblings or grandchildren.

Topics Around Grief: The Myths of Grief

Topics around grief workshops

There are plenty of myths about grief such as “You’ll get over it” or “When you’re not crying, you’re not grieving”. In this session we will unearth many myths, why some (or many) of those myths can trouble us, and consider what we’d prefer people to know and believe about grief and bereavement.

Topics Around Grief: Can Counselling Support Help Me?

Topics around grief workshops

Everyone has different needs in terms of support through their grief, and this session will discuss how counselling might assist some individuals on their grief journey. He will examine counselling expectations, define “effective” counselling, discuss how bereaved individuals can identify the right type of counselling for themselves, and how they might get the best benefit from a counselling experience.

Topics Around Grief: Finding Ways to Cope

Topics around grief

‘There is no “one size fits all” in coping with grief.’

In this workshop, we will discuss the many varied strategies we have used in the years since our children’s and siblings’ deaths to cope with the enormity of their loss. What practical activities or insights have given us a renewed sense of purpose or consolation?

Topics Around Grief: Caring for the Bereaved

Topics around grief

Caring for the Bereaved

The bereaved are any individuals who have suffered the death of a loved one. This TOPICS AROUND GRIEF discussion workshop is unusual in that it is not just open to members, it is also open to any family members or friends or anyone you know who might be interested to find out more about being supportive towards bereaved people like us. The workshop will look at current thinking and practical ideas regarding how to support the bereaved.