Looking After Ourselves

  1. Find a physical activity that works for you. Yoga and walking are great, but a dance class may be your thing
  2. Your body is your temple. Eating regular, nutritious meals will give your body and your mind the fuel it needs to look after you
  3. Your body and your mind needs rest to recharge for the next day. Try going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time, aiming for 7 hours sleep a night
  4. Set up a regular catch-up with friends and family who support you and encourage you
  5. Try one new activity each week. It could be as simple as trying new restaurants, painting or even exploring a road you always pass, but have never driven down. Your mind becomes energised with new information and finding the next new activity provides a focus
  6. Our lives are so busy and it can become overwhelming trying to juggle everything. Learn to say no to give yourself some free time to just “be”
  7. Just as our bodies and minds need activity, they also need quiet time to reflect and reconnect with ourselves. Quiet reflection has been found to reduce stress, improve memory and develop clearer thought so turn off all your technology and give your inner voice some undivided attention
  8. Find one thing to be grateful for each day. It doesn’t have to be anything major, it may simply be that you slept for half an hour longer than you normally do, but these small items can be an anchor to hold on to when you’re struggling
  9. Identify your stress indicators as your warning system that you need self-care. This may be extreme fatigue, frequent tears, being snappy at people, feeling high strung or overwhelmed
  10. Recognise that you are struggling and seek support from a counsellor or through peer support
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