New ONLINE CHAT SERVICE for Siblings aged 18 years and over: Service available Australia-wide

The Board and staff of TCFV are thrilled to announce that the Siblings Online Chat Service is currently operational, here.

We understand that opening your heart to grief is a lot easier to do when surrounded by a supportive, community of friends – people, who through their own lived experience understand what you are going through and are equipped to help.

This Online Chat Service facilitates the delivery of valuable peer based emotional support, specifically for bereaved siblings aged 18 years and over. It represents the piloting of new type of support offering by TCFV, who traditionally have only offered face to face group support meetings and telephone support services.

Whilst our team of Chat Responders have undergone comprehensive training to offer peer support, this pilot will not deliver a professional mental health counselling service.

The key principle behind this new service is that bereaved siblings access the support they need when it suits them via the ease of their mobile phone, to help them understand and manage their grief.

We are extremely grateful to the Bank of Melbourne Foundation for funding to pilot the development and delivery of a meaningful peer based social and emotional support program via an Online Chat Service. The initial pilot will run from its launch date of August 31, 2020, through to February 2021.

Help us share the news…if you know of a bereaved sibling that might benefit from the support of another bereaved sibling, please let them know of the Online Chat Service.

E-flyer is here.

More information for those interested in volunteering or a paid position here.

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