“One on One” Peer Support at TCFV Centre

“Seeing [and speaking with] someone else who has learned to live with their grief gives hope that it is possible to survive and live again.” Anne Giljohann

Like our grief support line, support groups, and online chat support, this new service provides the opportunity to sit in a safe space and speak with a peer supporter who has travelled a similar road and has a shared experience of loss.

This Service is free and available to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents who are current members of TCFV

  • An appointment runs for 45 minutes.
  • An individual, couple or family can attend the appointment with the peer supporter.
  • The peer supporter is available every Wednesday and every second Thursday afternoon.

Important note: the following service is not a counselling service, rather it is a space to sit and converse with another individual (often further along in their grief). Expressing feelings and thoughts in an open and safe environment is a central part of the ‘learning to live with grief’ process.

For more information on the difference between counselling support and peer support, please visit this article by Anne Giljohann.

April 2021
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