Compassionate Employer Award Nomination

Returning to work following a family bereavement can be extremely distressing and stressful.

TCFV believes that employers who have shown extra care and compassion to employees – going above and beyond the normal policies in helping employees who have suffered the death of a loved one, deserve to be recognised.

Nominations for the 2018 Compassionate Employer Recognition Awards are now open. Regardless of the size of the organisation, we encourage you to nominate an employer you believe showed extraordinary care to you following the death of your loved one (and may continue to do so).

Over the years we have heard stories from people of how they were treated by their employer after the death of a loved one.  Some stories have clearly shown that there are employers out there with high levels of compassion, care, empathy and generosity.

We invite you to nominate your employer for recognition as a 2018 “Compassionate Employer”.

Nominations for the 2018 Compassionate Employer Recognition are now open. 

To nominate your employer please follow the steps below:

  1. Please read the criteria.
  2. Complete the Nomination Form, including your personal story describing ways in which your company met the specific criteria.
  3. Click submit.

For further information contact: Karen Philippzig

Nominations must be received by close of business on Friday 9th March 2018.

Criteria for Compassionate Employer Recognition might include:

  1. Employer who has personally supported you in your bereavement
  2. Employer who arranged for additional time off, beyond the familiar three days bereavement leave
  3. Employer who provided support services and/or time off eg to obtain counselling or seek a support group
  4. A caring attitude and ability to empathise demonstrated by employer’s entire workforce
  5. Employer who showed flexibility in work assignments and evaluation of job performance during the stress and personal pain associated with the death of a loved one
  6. Other acts of compassion that you will remember forever

These criteria serve as suggested guidelines, and are not considered as all-inclusive. Nominations are only accepted for acts of compassion by employers within Australia, and do not include companies, organisations or government agencies specifically created to help the bereaved.

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